Brunch & Royalty

I wanted to have an event about 2 years ago introducing my brand to the Central Florida area but it was never the right time. I was either not ready or afraid to do the work.  Well within a 3 weeks time i put together my very first Brunch and it was Royalty.  I planned everything as deliberate as my mind thought it.  I created my own contact sheets, located a local classmate to make our deserts and of course i hand selected who would be in attendance.  I wanted ladies that needed to be around like minded women and also ladies that didn't know how they would approach a woman they've never met before today.  We shared with one another "what makes you Royalty" and it got very detailed and classy to say the least.  We shared with each other and enjoyed the beautiful Florida weather as we had a feast of amazing brunch items.  I wanted to create a Royal catwalk experience for these queens that came out dressed in there best Brunch attire and this part of the day is where we really showed our personalities to the world.  


That is what life is about sharing your true self with the world shamelessly.  No one can live or root for the light that is inside you if you are afraid to let it shine.  I use to be afraid to let ALL of my lights shine because I was under the impression that we can only have one light! Wrong!  This Royal Goddess learned that I can and I AM talented in many areas I was determined to find my purpose.


My Sisters Move

Growing up, I learned that I needed to be confident and walk to my own beat.  Which to be honest, felt extremely difficult but as I got older I realized that I have always walked to my own beat.  Being apart of many groups and Organizations I have always wondered why we couldn't all be great in our own light?  It was either dim my light so my sister could shine or my sister would dim hers so that I could win.  I walked around wondering "why cant we work together to reach our fullest potential?" Can we possibly become partners and promote one another that way no ones light would be dim?

These days society has began to remove the purpose of sisterhood.  Were shown in a light of everyone achieving success by keeping quiet, not sharing information in fear of someone else getting there before you.  This is disheartening however, true but I and many others within the universe believe that we can InTentionally change this distrust of sisterhood by starting from within. 


Allowing my sister to move at her own beat creates our greatest symphony. 

Jus Chill Breezy


Is simply Breezy.  Living your best life is being confident in who you are to the core.  These two brands are slowly merging together because Breezy works behind the scenes.  Her personality is very chill and Breezy and one day we were traveling home from out of town and started a discussion about how Channell Naturally Royal is compiled of many, aspects that the act of chilling is necessary to balance life.  Just Chill Breezy is unfolding within InTentional movement so I invite you to stay tuned for whats next.



Be InTentional

A friend of mine created a video group we would record daily the plans of our day. We would discuss how our night was and what went wrong.  We'd also go over ways we could make it better tomorrow.  One day, I cant remember which day I shared with the ladies that I have a purpose and I began to share with them my dreams and goals.  I mentioned at the end of my video Be Great on Purpose today no matter what you do, even if you are using the restroom "Be InTentional" about using the restroom. The response began with laughter but from that moment I had just Manifested what I wanted to consume me, what I wanted to consume my every thought and every actions would surround these words.  When things are meant(InTention) to be apart of you- you can't run or deny what is destined to happen what is meant to become apart of you.  

I never Intended to become a Change Agent for the art of "being".  I simply started my journey to understand what InTentional living a Purpose filled life entailed. To Be.  Those two words are so powerful in there own right with one of the meanings - to exist or live.  That's enough for me to LIVE purposefully.



The Front Door

“Never ever did I think that I’d write my thoughts about my experience when walking into A room that it would lead me to reflecting on how just A year ago I was asked to speak at My Sister’s Keeper Women’s Conference.”

When I first started my website I ultimately wanted to be able to blog but it didn’t happen initially.
I started out writing motivational quotes and just sharing my experiences with people on my social media pages.  Then eventually I began to put more study and reflection into the words I wrote and then I realized that I could begin by sending out my thoughts to friends and family and allow whatever connections that happened to grow from there.  The way this post reached someone that wasn’t on my email subscription list was simply God saying it was time.  My mom decided to discuss my email in her women’s group and from there lets just say it took off.

This entry allowed me to get up in front of 60+ women and talk about how we sometimes can’t come through the back door.  I remember one day I arrived to church late and went for my usual seat I the balcony. I like the balcony because this  is where I felt most comfortable Its where I can worship and not worry.  I love to sing and I’d look at the praise and worship team and say “I would want to be apart of the worship team but I’m never going to end up in front of the congregation”. Well! Can I tell you I’ve been apart of the worship ministry for about 3 years now and this definitely forced me in through the front door.
You see, coming in through the main entrance in life requires you to be Audacious and Shameless. You cannot let fear hold you back from anything your heart desires and I am still learning that. I wanted so badly to say “can I just sing from the balcony” but NOT anymore since I am InTentional in my beliefs as to what God can do for me… I’m kicking doors down before I come through, with nerves and all!