The Front Door

“Never ever did I think that I’d write my thoughts about my experience when walking into A room that it would lead me to reflecting on how just A year ago I was asked to speak at My Sister’s Keeper Women’s Conference.”

When I first started my website I ultimately wanted to be able to blog but it didn’t happen initially.
I started out writing motivational quotes and just sharing my experiences with people on my social media pages.  Then eventually I began to put more study and reflection into the words I wrote and then I realized that I could begin by sending out my thoughts to friends and family and allow whatever connections that happened to grow from there.  The way this post reached someone that wasn’t on my email subscription list was simply God saying it was time.  My mom decided to discuss my email in her women’s group and from there lets just say it took off.

This entry allowed me to get up in front of 60+ women and talk about how we sometimes can’t come through the back door.  I remember one day I arrived to church late and went for my usual seat I the balcony. I like the balcony because this  is where I felt most comfortable Its where I can worship and not worry.  I love to sing and I’d look at the praise and worship team and say “I would want to be apart of the worship team but I’m never going to end up in front of the congregation”. Well! Can I tell you I’ve been apart of the worship ministry for about 3 years now and this definitely forced me in through the front door.
You see, coming in through the main entrance in life requires you to be Audacious and Shameless. You cannot let fear hold you back from anything your heart desires and I am still learning that. I wanted so badly to say “can I just sing from the balcony” but NOT anymore since I am InTentional in my beliefs as to what God can do for me… I’m kicking doors down before I come through, with nerves and all!