Be InTentional

A friend of mine created a video group we would record daily the plans of our day. We would discuss how our night was and what went wrong.  We'd also go over ways we could make it better tomorrow.  One day, I cant remember which day I shared with the ladies that I have a purpose and I began to share with them my dreams and goals.  I mentioned at the end of my video Be Great on Purpose today no matter what you do, even if you are using the restroom "Be InTentional" about using the restroom. The response began with laughter but from that moment I had just Manifested what I wanted to consume me, what I wanted to consume my every thought and every actions would surround these words.  When things are meant(InTention) to be apart of you- you can't run or deny what is destined to happen what is meant to become apart of you.  

I never Intended to become a Change Agent for the art of "being".  I simply started my journey to understand what InTentional living a Purpose filled life entailed. To Be.  Those two words are so powerful in there own right with one of the meanings - to exist or live.  That's enough for me to LIVE purposefully.