My Sisters Move

Growing up, I learned that I needed to be confident and walk to my own beat.  Which to be honest, felt extremely difficult but as I got older I realized that I have always walked to my own beat.  Being apart of many groups and Organizations I have always wondered why we couldn't all be great in our own light?  It was either dim my light so my sister could shine or my sister would dim hers so that I could win.  I walked around wondering "why cant we work together to reach our fullest potential?" Can we possibly become partners and promote one another that way no ones light would be dim?

These days society has began to remove the purpose of sisterhood.  Were shown in a light of everyone achieving success by keeping quiet, not sharing information in fear of someone else getting there before you.  This is disheartening however, true but I and many others within the universe believe that we can InTentionally change this distrust of sisterhood by starting from within. 


Allowing my sister to move at her own beat creates our greatest symphony.