Brunch & Royalty

I wanted to have an event about 2 years ago introducing my brand to the Central Florida area but it was never the right time. I was either not ready or afraid to do the work.  Well within a 3 weeks time i put together my very first Brunch and it was Royalty.  I planned everything as deliberate as my mind thought it.  I created my own contact sheets, located a local classmate to make our deserts and of course i hand selected who would be in attendance.  I wanted ladies that needed to be around like minded women and also ladies that didn't know how they would approach a woman they've never met before today.  We shared with one another "what makes you Royalty" and it got very detailed and classy to say the least.  We shared with each other and enjoyed the beautiful Florida weather as we had a feast of amazing brunch items.  I wanted to create a Royal catwalk experience for these queens that came out dressed in there best Brunch attire and this part of the day is where we really showed our personalities to the world.  


That is what life is about sharing your true self with the world shamelessly.  No one can live or root for the light that is inside you if you are afraid to let it shine.  I use to be afraid to let ALL of my lights shine because I was under the impression that we can only have one light! Wrong!  This Royal Goddess learned that I can and I AM talented in many areas I was determined to find my purpose.