2018 was the 3rd Annual Stepping N 2 Sisterhood in Orlando, Fl was an experience I will forever remember.  I worked along side with The founder and President of Women by Choice Andromeda Raheem other women in the Central Florida area together to uplift and support each other.  I was given the opportunity to host the very first Self Love panel where we discussed with some of the top speakers in Orlando about practices that they use to practice loving self.

Natural Beauty in The Park was a day of beautiful women and families coming together by way of African Fashion.  The pieces were brought to you by Natural Culture with make being done by a awesome MUA.  We arrived fairly early to run through the show and prepare for your walk which included much sisterly bonding time where we exchanged our dreams and ideas.  Each of these ladies formed a connection because of this event! 



"We realize that Royalty starts in our mind and then exudes outward for the universe to see

Brunch & Royalty was my very first event and I was deliberate about every aspect.  The day began with each lady explaining what makes her Royalty.  Catch the blog to read more..